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Police and the Media with Joel Anderson

Joel D. Anderson, a writer at Slate, joins John Stanton to discuss the recent Black Lives Matter protests and the relationship that journalists have with the police, and how that's changing.

Advertising Technology with Joshua Koran

Advertising funds journalism and Google and others are siphoning away that revenue. But advertising technology -- known as adtech -- is complicated. Joshua Koran joins to help us understand it better.

Freelancing with Laura Saunders and Caitlin O'Hara

While many, many journalists have been laid off because of big tech's siphoning of ad revenue, Laura Saunders and Caitlin O'Hara join John to talk about what it's like to freelance in that environment.

Journalism, layoffs, and COVID-19 with Laura Bassett and Nick Charles

John, Nick, and Laura talk about what has been a brutal week for the journalism industry, despite strong demand for news and information during the coronavirus pandemic.

Layoffs in sports journalism with Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly covered sports for The Express, and talks about what it's like to try to navigate a career in sports journalism in the era of Big Tech.

Latinx representation with Tina Vasquez

Reporter Tina Vasquez joins to talk about the importance of Latinx voices covering immigration and reproductive rights.

New voices with Brittany Shepherd

National politics reporter and host of young voter focused show "Hot Mic" Brittany Shepherd joins us to talk about the importance of diversity in reporting.

Diverse voices with Katelyn Burns

Katelyn Burns is a young trans reporter covering the White House and Congress in Washington, D.C. But as a young reporter in a changing industry, the future looks uncertain.

Market control with Luther Lowe

News is not the only content online. Luther Lowe has worked at Yelp for years, and he's seen first-hand how a giant tech competitor like Google can fundamentally reshape the way a company has to do business.

Conservative news with Jim Swift

Even in the era of "fake news," conservative publications have struggled too. Nobody is immune from the financial realities of the modern news business. Jim Swift, formerly of the Weekly Standard, joins us to talk about that dynamic.

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